On location and online, international art classes with a difference, for teenagers.

Welcome to Teenage Art Classes.

Teens expressing their creativity through art!

Teenage art classes with a difference, conducted by professional, internationally exhibited Dutch artist Renate van Nijen. The art classes are taking place both on location – in the village of La Herradura in southern Spain, and online. 

These classes normally are on a 4-week basis, so that you don’t have to commit to an entire season. 

If your teen can only participate 1 or 2 weeks, you can contact Renate, your art teacher, for possibilities, as there is a minimum and a maximum of attendees (see below)



     Who is this class for?


Teenagers ages 13 to 19 with knowledge of the English language. The class is taking place every Thursday 15.00 to 17.00 CET – please convert the time to where you are if participating online.

Your teen can join this class either on location – in the centre of La Herradura – or online!

Minimum attendies 4 – maximum participants on location 6 (due to Covid restrictions) and online 8 (to ensure sufficient attention)

If you cannot make it to a class one week, you can have the class another Thursday, provided that you let Renate know 24 hours in advance. (please convert the time to where you are).
For more information contact Renate via info@renatevannijen.com 

What will they learn

Mandala by 14 year old
Mandala by 14 year old

Note from your teacher:

Your teens will learn how to mix colours and how to not overmix colours to create more organic textures and images. In fact, you only need five colours to create all the colours you could possibly want. The teens will learn about setting up a painting, either from fantasy or following an example, which teaches observation. 

They will also learn about different materials to use (canvas, paper, types of brushes etc.) perspective, shading, use of colours and how to use different brushes and/or pallet knives. Under my guidance a teen will discover, in a playful way, different art styles and international famous painters by looking at and being inspired by their work. This is not an art history class by all means, just a chance to observe, admire or even dislike what other creative people throughout history have created. And yes, we can laugh, judge and admire!

Mushrooms by 15 year old

The difference:

Being in an international art class also will make it possible for you to learn through very playful ‘peer-learning’. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know teens from other cultures, who live in other countries. The language spoken in the class is English, which might also improve the English of those for who English is not their mother tongue. I will guide this as well – I speak fluent English, Dutch, German, Spanish and fairly good Italian.


17 year old at work copying an image of Etty Hillesum

This is a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. Even when joining online the teens will be able to chat and ask each other questions!


You are learning many tricks and skills from a professional artist with over 35 years of experience!


Work in progress, , online student 14 year old
Work in progress, , online student 14 year old

A positive side-effect

As an artist who loves to share her experience, expertise and knowledge with teenagers I’ve noticed a very important benefit for teens to participate in an international art class. Some of my teens were able, during the months that they joined my class, to discover who they are and become more confident in their day-to-day life.

 This is a safe space to be who you are. No bullying or negative interaction will be allowed, but in my experience that doesn’t even happen. When you work on an artwork, which is also very calming for the brain, kids can feel safe to share who they really are. 

They can discuss their concerns for the world, perhaps even find solutions together. Even when the class is online, it will feel as if the teens are in the same room as they can interact, whether that is by only listening to what is said or also participating in conversations!

The key to make this such a special place is that we will try and focus on the positive side of art and life! A class with a difference, with great fun and interesting explorations of the teen’s creativity, other cultures and art.


From my experience Renate’s weekly teen painting classes are filled with interesting conversations, a diversity of different individuals and opportunities to learn. Renate gives her attention to each individual providing her encouragement, slices of wisdom, ideas and also leaves us enough space to figure things out our own way if that’s what we need.” Bronwen age 17. Came to studio class in Spain

Modigliani inspired self portrait by 17 year old

Testimonial of a mother:

I love the emphasis of teens to know each other’s culture, maybe bond with each other / and this is very important outside of their normal social environment. They get a fresh start to be ‘unknown’, be present as who they are in the context of art and leave everything else behind them. That’s very needed and very healing too.” Lis from Finland


Teenagers in studio
Parrots by 13 year old online student copied from Ean Taylor Parrots

“Renate was friendly and welcoming when I joined her online class. I enjoyed learning from her expertise, especially mixing colours, which has helped me a lot since. The work I produced with her as my teacher has inspired me to keep painting!”

Isabella, age 13 working from France

Art works by teenagers in Teen art class in my studio

I am your teacher

My name is Renate van Nijen and I am a professional, internationally recognised, Dutch born artist and writer, living in Southern Spain. I have participated and held solo exhibitions of my work, amongst others, in Amsterdam, Rome and Paris and many locations in Spain and Italy. I’ve sold work to clients all over the world, including Moscow and New York to name but a few.

I’ve been teaching art since 2006 both on location and in my studio. Since the lockdown, March 2020 I’ve started conducting art classes online as well. Positive testimonials have showed me that this really works. The advantage is that you can work from the privacy of your home and learn from a professional artist!

Feel free to check out my website here www.renatevannijen.com

Renate next to Rosetta

What do you need? 

If you come to the art class on location materials are included. 

If you join online you only need 5 colours. Check out this video to find out what you need to start painting: what you need to paint 


Release your talent

Elephant by 13 year old online student

How much does it cost?

You can either pay for a 4-week course, the cost for this is 80 Euros (please convert to your own currency) or you can pay for 1 or 2 classes (if spaces are available). Price per class is 22.50 Euros.

The money is to be paid in advance via PayPal or international bank transfer.

Bank: please contact me via the contact page above to get bank details.

If you cannot make it to a class one week, you can have the class another Thursday, provided that you inform me within 24 hours before the class and provided there is space.

Teen art on a T-shirt or print:
At the end of a 4-week course you can, if you like, get your favourite painting printed on a T-shirt (100% organic cotton)
or on a print (FSC certified recycled paper) with or without your name or a quote (which has no copyright attached) for
an additional cost.  The T-shirt with your design costs 55 Euros (65 US dollars) and the print costs 40.00 Euros (45 US
dollars) – a great gift for the grandparents – you can order as many as you like!